Wednesday, December 22, 2010

7 Sins in a PMO (Program Management Officer) Role

From: [Project Management Hut]

A role of a PMO or a Program Manager is not an easy one. As you find the person final responsible for the deliverables, but no one reports to the person or he is not involved in day to day developments that go within the four walls a Development Team or a QA Team or an IT team or Core Engineering Team or a Technical Writing Team. Also the resistance that is typically faced from the technical or the development Manager makes the task even more challenging to keep the program or the project within the defined multiple constraints: scope, cost, schedule, risk, quality and customer satisfaction.

However, being in Program Management for quite some time and having seen the functionality of the PMO and Program Management from close quarters, there are instances which I came across that are actually PMO sins and should be avoided.

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