Thursday, December 16, 2010

Change Management No Longer Optional for Clients

From: [Management Consulting News]

Your clients call you because they’re looking for ways to work faster, smarter, leaner, better. Whether regulations are requiring it, customers are asking for it, or competition is demanding it, your clients are probably looking to change.

To get from “here” (where they are now) to “there” (where they need to be in the future to survive and thrive) is not an easy task. Whether you specialize in helping your clients define “there” or get to that place called “there,” you can’t ignore that Change Management is a critical component to your client’s success.

If they haven’t already, your clients may soon ask you about Change Management. Your challenge, as a consultant, is to be prepared to offer advice and resources on how they can get their people ready, willing, and able to work in new ways.

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