Monday, December 6, 2010

SAP Tutorials: SAP Overview Video and SAP Navigation Video

From: [ERPtips]

Two free SAP Video Tutorials presented by Jocelyn Hayes from ERPtips:

SAP Overview Tutorial Part I – V

  • SAP History - Where did this massive software come from? What are it’s ‘roots’? 
  • SAP Business Benefits - The usual marketing jargon – listing of business benefits that it is possible to achieve with a well implemented and SUSTAINED system
  • SAP Terminology and System Architecture - Some basic terms and an explanation of the system architecture (3-tier client server)
  • SAP System Landscape - How most SAP landscapes are organized and the concept of transporting configuration and development objects
  • SAP Integration - The KEY to this ERP system – how it is tightly integrated across multiple business process areas
  • SAP ERP Module Overview - A quick and dirty overview of the core SAP ERP modules
  • SAP Industry Solutions - Definition of what an SAP Industry solution is
  • SAP Business Suite Applications and Netweaver Solutions - Overview of the components available in the other Business Suite components and a layman’s explanation of Netweaver (because that is all this functional person is capable)
SAP Navigation Tutorial Part I – V
  • Logging into SAP - How to login to the SAP using the SAP GUI, a little information about setting/resetting passwords, and description of SAP clients 
  • Screen Elements - Describe the basics of the SAP GUI screen like the Title Bar, the SAP Menu Bar, SAP menu structure, Application Toolbar, and the command field
  • Selecting Functions - Illustrate different methods to execute transactions in SAP, like using the menu path, the favorites menu and the forever favorite transaction code fastpath
  • Transaction Code - Explain the use of the transaction code in SAP – a language in it’s own right, you say ‘Me-go’ I say ‘My-go’ (for the MIGO transaction, of course)
  • Favorites - Show various methods to set up your favorites menu using folders and links to external systems, like webpages
  • User Master - Provide a method to set up user defaults, validity periods, role assignment (user security), and user address information
  • Parameters - Also part of the user master, parameters allow you to set user default values and set processing
Important note:
You will need to download the Microsoft Silverlight software to view the SAP tutorials.   The Microsoft Silverlight software is free.

Click to view the video: Video

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