Friday, December 10, 2010

Two Ways to Hire Effective Innovators (Innovation)

From: [Harvard Business Review]

These days, you're as likely to see "innovative" on any given job description as you are to see "strong communication skills" or "team player." But how do you hire innovators? What exactly are you looking for, and more importantly, how do you identify the ability to innovate?

Take this anecdote: Our innovation consultancy recently played host to a rather unusual job interview when a candidate came to us after selling his company, a premium brand of Cachaça (the Brazilian liquor). While still in college, the candidate conceived the brand, sourced it, packaged it, imported it, and distributed it. For his interview, he hosted a Cachaça happy hour in our office, bringing in a bartender and the fresh fruits required to prepare Brazil's signature cocktails. 

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