Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Why Project Management is Like a 1978 Ford Fiesta

From: [Project Management Tips]

I may need to set up a little background for this concept to actually make sense to anyone but me.  If you ever owned a Ford Fiesta (the American version back in the late 70’s, not the new one still made in Germany), then you might get this.  I bought mine actually when it was 12 years old – in 1990 – as a car to drive back and forth to work.  It was my first – and only – manual transmission car and it didn’t look very good (definitely not as good as the stock photo to the right, though mine was yellow), but it served its purpose.  Great gas mileage, reliable most of the time, and cheap.  Plus, I could work on it myself because the engine compartment was fairly simple.  I replaced a fuel pump for the first – and only time – on it.  I replaced a starter.  I replaced a lot of things, which is probably why it’s a good thing I no longer own it, but it definitely served its purpose while I had it.

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