Sunday, August 24, 2014

Online Freelance Platforms For Freelance Consultants From All Business Disciplines Just For You

So what is the next big thing for freelance consultants? Well there will be many next big things to come, but how about Online Freelance Platforms. Online Freelance Platforms are the thing of the future and the future is now! These platforms are online market places where freelance consultants can sell their expertise to buyers online in need of expertise to solve their business and technological problems.

Below are 14 online freelance platforms for you to visit and review. Mind you this is only a short list. There are many others. But the list below shows the popular platforms.

  1. Expert360
  2. Skillbridge
  3. Flex-IT
  4. Work Market
  5. Elance
  6. oDesk
  7. OnForce
  8. Cross Freelance
  9. Amazon Mechanical Turk
  10. Freelancer
  11. Freelance
  12. iFreelance
  13. ProductionHUB
  14. CrowdFlower

Today there are many online freelance platforms for almost any professional including management consultants, doctors, nurses, lawyers, business analyst, project managers, change managers, engineers, writers, translators, and many others. Think of a service or discipline and chances are there is an online freelance platform for it.

Happy freelancing!