Sunday, December 26, 2010

The 11 Predictions for 2011: Here is a hint, Hewlett-Packard will buy SAP

Here we go!  If you want to know about predictions for 2011, then read this article.  Here is a hint, Hewlett-Packard will buy SAP.

From: [MercuryNews]

Last year, I offered up 10 predictions for 2010 and got five right.

Ones I nailed: Palm was sold; Apple released a tablet and Google a phone; Silicon Valley posted gains in the overall number of jobs; the number of public companies in the valley continued to decline; Facebook and LinkedIn didn't go public.

Ones I whiffed: Intel didn't settle all outstanding legal disputes; Twitter's traffic did not decline (though it's flattening in the U.S.); Google did not get hit by an antitrust suit (but my bet is it's just a matter of time); Cisco Systems did not buy Dell (again, just a matter of time).

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