Friday, December 10, 2010

Salesforce and SAP: an obvious comparison

From: [ZDNet]

This week, some analysts and media had the privilege of attending both Dreamforce and SAP Influencer Summit. Comparisons are inevitable but worthwhile for an industry that I sense is on the cusp of real as opposed to marketing driven change.

Many people like to think that SAP represents the old, legacy way of the world. Salesforce is often portrayed as the face of the new world: brash, confident, fun loving. There is truth in that but it is not the whole picture. The best way to think about the contrasts can be summed up this way: Salesforce throws a memorable frat party, SAP offers fine dining. Each has its place but in the enterprise world one has to wonder which represents the ultimate preference of those who sign checks for IT vendors.

Salesforce is in a place where it seems able to do no wrong. The list for Fortune 500 companies quoted on the many overhead cloud shaped banners bears testament to a company that has figured out what matters: delighting users. As its CFO said during the first day analyst lunch: “Being CFO of Salesforce is often an easy job.” The contrast at SAP could not be more stark.

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